Racism Unbounded


There’s a tendency for the liberal media
and democrats to paint a picture, in general, that one side of the political
spectrum is racist. This is a very naive way of thinking, especially since
one can only know whether a person is racist if racist acts are done overtly.
For example, someone calls a black person the N-word in front of his face.
Or, a democratic governor, say, one from Virginia gets exposed for
wearing black face or a KKK suit in a picture dated during college. There’s
really no way of knowing who is and who is not racist absolutely.

I personally think there’s no hard line politically where the racist exist, they are
spread about equally across the spectrum like data points deviating plus/minus
around some mean in a normal Gaussian distribution.

If the war against African American progress is going full bore, consider it a very subtle
collaboration between racists on the right and left.

On the left, the push to continue promoting abortion has resulted in approx. 15-20 million
less African Americans today.

On the right, the push or lack of support for social policies may have had a negative
impact on black communities.

On the left, crime bills supported by famous democratic leaders lead to the mass
incarceration of young black men.

On the right, gerrymandering has been used in the past to give an advantage to
republicans during elections.

If you’re African American, it is probably best to have a healthy dose of criticism
both ways, so why not join “hands with little white boys and white girls” despite political differences? Begin living out the dream of Martin Luther King Jr. this Black History Month as racism has no political bounds.


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