National Emergency Declaration Would be Justified for Border Security

There are very few reasons why our local, state, or federal government would make a emergency declaration.  Usually, in almost all cases, the situation that prompted the emergency declaration was one in which presented safety concerns for the public at large or within a certain geographic area.  Natural disasters at the state level are commonly declared as state emergencies because the safety of persons and property are unavoidable.  Most if not all state or national emergencies will have the safety of the people as its strongest theme or justification.  The situation at the southern border fits this theme.  Every year hundreds, thousands, if not millions of pounds of drugs (cocaine, marijuana, Fentanyl, Heroin, Methamphetamine) enter the U.S.  These are drugs that affect millions of Americans lives everyday, including death.  But drugs pouring into the country is not the only safety concern related to a porous border.  Criminals including gang members crossing into the U.S. present a threat to all Americans as well.  Now, this safety concern is real and present.  This is true even with funding.  So it is hard to imagine the situation not deteriorating beyond the current state for Americans if border security funding is withheld.  Therefore, if there is a crisis to begin with, the president has an even  stronger argument and justification for declaring a national emergency.

President Trump is justified in declaring a national emergency and should do so promptly.


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