Blexit, Why?

In order for you to exit some room, place, mindset, you must first have entered.  As an African American I never entered the “democratic plantation” as some would call it.  Never once have I voted for democratic presidential candidate, and I thank God for sparing me that pain.  So Blexit doesn’t really apply to me, however, I support the movement and actually just ordered me and my wife matching t-shirts.


2 thoughts on “Blexit, Why?

  1. Did I read this right? This dude (who I’m assuming is African American) hasn’t voted for Democratic president and is happy by not doing so of sparing him the pain!? Wait wait wait … Looking for a brother that has not only brainwashed of his potential logical thinking, common sense and his very own heritage. Put him in line first of the slow-burn-and-churn-and-decay of what is leftover of African Americans post Martin Luther King Jr. It is really a damn shame.


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