Will President Trump Use US Foreign Aid to Mexico to Fund Border Security?

In the executive order entitled “Border Security and Immigration Enforcement Improvements” signed by President Donald Trump on January 25, 2017, section 9, each department head is required to “…identify and quantify all sources of direct and indirect Federal aid or assistance to the Government of Mexico…” and report the findings to the Secretary of State within 30 days of the effective date of the order which is tomorrow.  The Secretary of State is then required to summarize the findings and report back to the President within 60 days of the order.  In the coming days, the national press should be asking for an update.  Why would the President be interested in identifying and quantifying foreign aid to Mexico unless the administration is planning on using that to partly fund the additional cost for border security?  The answer is likely, he wouldn’t.

It is not uncommon for the U.S to send hundreds of millions of dollars to Mexico for aid over the years.  President Trump could surely use that money to fund his program.


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