The Surge

When coalition forces invaded Iraq in 2003, they executed mission after mission, clearing neighborhoods of terrorists and insurgents, capturing Saddam Hussein, and in 2005 providing enough security to allow Iraqi’s to cast their first general election vote since the sunrise of the invasion.  However, the gains made by coalition forces would not last.  As each mission set, the coalition troops moved on to the next, allowing Al Qaida and insurgents to settle back into the once cleared areas.  And being newly inspired to undermine the political progress being made in the Iraqi capital, the terrorists caused havoc, threatening to reverse all gains that had been made up to that point and, “shaking the confidence of all Iraqis.”  This prompted a new strategy which was announced in 2007, commonly referred to as the surge.  The surge was meant to overwhelm the terrorists by introducing a large enough number of troops, both American and Iraqi, to secure and keep neighborhood locals safe overtime. This would allow for conditions favorable for the healing of a torn nation. It was a success.  We need a surge in the black community.

              The surge needed in the black community is not one to drive out a wave of violence, although that may be needed in some areas.  Its a surge against a tsunami of negative circumstances and choices.  Its primary objective is to keep the family functioning by providing help in the form of childcare and development.  Its an overwhelming force as it needs to be able to prevent the tsunami from returning, allowing for favorable conditions to reverse the cycle that exist. Read Solve The City’s plan to save black America.

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4 thoughts on “The Surge

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  2. A,
    I like your thinking on this. I wonder what specific solutions or ideas regarding the health issue do you have? It will be interesting to see how this blog develops as you go forward. Thanks for sharing!


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