3 Reasons Blacks are Losing the Race War


Blacks are suffering like no other race in America, always have, and still are today.  But ask yourself, what do racists ultimately want?  To deny us jobs?  I can see that. To prevent us from getting a higher education?  Sure. But ultimately, racists want us gone.  And unfortunately they’re winning. They are winning the numbers game. Whoever scores the most wins.  Every life lost is a score for the opposition.  We see the battle being raged on three fronts.  One, the high disproportionate rate of abortion among blacks.  Two, the higher mortality rate among blacks.  And three, the higher infant mortality rate among blacks.  Addressing the numbers on these three fronts will fix black America.

Push them aside

Putting our hope in the system to make change is a lost cause.  They feed us lines to win our support for their own pursuits.  Pursuits that do not have our interest in mind.  We must push the politicians aside and take action ourselves to solve the problems we face.

Quickly, reduce abortion rate

How can reducing the numbers of abortion help fix black America?  To answer that, you need to ask, “what would it take to eliminate the need for women to seek an abortion?”  The answer is bridging the gap.  Bridging the gap of what’s broken and of utmost importance for any group of people, the family. By establishing free childcare for all black children ages 0-5 yrs old, we can bridge the family gap and achieve the following:

  1. Time for all parents to pursue jobs and/or education.
  2. Safe places for all black children to operate five days a week.
  3. Provide every black child with basic pre-k education fundamental to being competitive in school out the gate.
  4. Keep the community growing at a rate consistent with the other races in order to maintain power at the polls 100+ years from now.

read The Surge

Solve The City Recommendations

  1. Childcare operations to be run by a single non-profit organization, one per state.
  2. All churches to offer their facilities five days a week for childcare services.
  3. All facilities are outfitted with CCTV to help ensure the safety of children.
  4. Employers to offer one or two days paid time off to individuals who would volunteer to support the childcare services.
  5. Childcare services available from 6am – 6pm.
  6. Children are taught basic pre-k education to set them up for success moving forward.
  7. Pre-K proficiency examination/data gathering for all kids moving out of services and into kindergarten.

Reject the southern lifestyle

Solve The City’s segmentation of the data for the problem of higher mortality rate amongst blacks lead us to a hypothesis that the southern lifestyle, likely eating habits, has had a negative affect on mortality rate amongst both whites and blacks.  Our model being,

“The southern lifestyle ( eating habits, etc.) plus a majority of blacks residing in the south and/or have taken the southern lifestyle with to another region, is driving the overall mortality rate difference between whites and blacks.”

Now we know, that, the south has not been good for blacks in the past, except, so we thought, the food. Yet, even the food is possibly having a negative impact on our life expectancy.  If so, we need to reject it, so that:

  1. Our grandparents stay around for a long time to pass on knowledge and help support the family.
  2. Our fathers stay around for a long time to help their kids grow into men.
  3. Our wives give birth to babies that are at a lower risk of infant mortality in its first year.  There’s a link between unhealthy living and higher rates of infant mortality.

However, even though blacks currently have a higher mortality rate, the data suggests, in regions other than the south, that blacks live as long or even longer than whites.  This is good news simply because it shows that closing the gap is very much achievable.


We need to bridge the family gap that exist in the black community by putting in place a childcare system that is free and is capable of maximum positive impact by its coverage capabilities.  This system will allow dads and moms to pursue jobs and/or education while knowing that their child is in good hands.  It will ease concerns about being able to raise a child, decreasing the number of aborted black babies.  Also, we need to focus on healthy living so that we’re around as long as possible for our children and grandchildren.  Otherwise, if times are hard now with all that is going on, how will our children deal with life without us in the years to come?

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7 thoughts on “3 Reasons Blacks are Losing the Race War

  1. My thoughts on Black America.

    That last speech went “Free at last! Free at last! Thank GOD almighty, we are at last!” Don’t get me wrong, I give much praise to Dr. King and all he’s done in delivery the message during the Civil Rights Movement, but we are still not free. As a matter of fact, we are more of a victim via integration than we ever were with segregation. Integration was the worst thing that could have ever happened for Black America. For it was our time in segregation that we had own communities and businesses where now we just have people living. Where did all of the black businesses go? Where are the neighborhoods where generation after generation grew up together? The Sunday school buses that picked up everyone for church?

    As I sit here I’m thinking of the number of black towns I’ve seen or heard in my travels but coming up short. When I think of black neighborhoods the first thing that comes to mind are ghettos, at risks and blighted areas.

    Truths: How many wealthy black counties can you name besides the the obvious PG county (in Maryland) that’s been sustainable for some time now. Why is it when we “make it” we want to move to an affluent white communities? Why are our inner cites under served and filled with poorly educated and ignorant children? Why are the aspirations of our young black children to be in entertainment or sports? Why do we still think a protest or march will get us anywhere? Times have changed. We need political power inside the house, where the change happens. Why do so many of our black men avoid work because they feel their self worth is more? Why can’t they put their pride to the side and work their way up and take over or just open their own? Why have our young black girls been conditioned to think it’s cool to be a baby momma (BM) or hold their heads up high as they dress provocatively in public, where is the class?

    Why are we so oblivious to the fact that we are our biggest enemy and that if we don’t wake up we will soon be extinct. It takes a village to raise a family, we can’t do it on our own. The Hispanics are making it because they are doing what we got away from when we were segregated. The Jewish are wealthy because their money doesn’t leave their communities and the Asian support their own.

    What I’m saying is, we do not have to have the same beliefs/faiths to support one another. Therefore, for me, saving Black America starts by educating and rebuilding our own communities that we once had. We have to invest in our children, selves and communities or we will soon be extinct just like that of the caveman. One must build wealth and leave legacies behind for their children and grandchildren.

    Think about this, how many black owned radio and TV stations are there? If we all had to fend for ourselves and let’s say there was a natural disaster, how would we get get the word out or retrieve it?

    Often in my line of work we review statistical data of the labor force. Although, I’ve been off on maternity, the last labor report I saw reported the Hispanic workforce increasing SIX million and Blacks 700,000. Can we see the concern??? Data showed that 75-80% of working blacks were employed by government jobs so why are we not taking control to our advantage. We can only win by taking control economically not individually.

    We have to work together for everything we do. If nothing else let’s work to give our children the tools and resources to survive in this new world. For they will only be as good as the time WE invest in them.

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