The Containment

If a problem exists and children at play are in danger, it could be considered negligence if a reasonable action is not taken to minimize the impact.  Not putting something in place may result in a tragedy.  So, what type of containments might help control our problem of cars speeding through the neighborhood?  Well, parents living in the area may decide to prevent their kids from playing near the street until the issue is resolved.  Or, the community president may decide to get the city involved, requesting that the road is patrolled during rush hours.  These are short term solutions. It is often not practical to keep them in place indefinitely.  A long term solution may be to place speed bumps along 23rd St.  Whatever the containment, it is driven by what we know about the problem.

One day, out of nowhere, with no warning at all, a structural overhang located right above the front door of one of the units in our old condominium complex just fell down.  The issue was discussed at every HOA meeting for months. However, the issue of putting a containment in place for the other five overhangs was never considered until yours truly brought it up.  What a tragedy it would have been if another units overhang would have fell down and killed somebody.

As you can see, putting containments in place is a very important part of the problem solving process.

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