Solve The City – Purpose

Look around, read your news feed, turn to CNN or Fox News, and soon you will realize that people are boiling over across the spectrum. There are protests in the streets, rallies with apparent racial undertones, and the “objective” news anchors seem to fall out of their chairs when discussing opposing views. The water will continue to boil over if the people do not learn how to solve problems effectively.

Solve the city seeks to assist and model effective problem solving using methods typically used in science diciplines. This blog will identify real world problems and solicit the help of the community (that’s you). The first few posts will layout the critical parts of the problem solving method being used here. These parts are critical as they help eliminate waste to save time and are likely to lead to solutions that make sense given the problem. These parts include 1) formulating a problem statement 2) capturing short term and long term containment strategies 3) capturing the “what we know” and “what we do not know” about the situation 4) revisiting and updating the problem statement based on the former 5) developing models consistent with the data and 6) putting fixes or solutions in place.

Stay tuned to the upcoming blogs to learn the process. It will be fun and challenging.  It will help everyone focus on the problem instead of the opposition. Please follow us to receive email updates when new blogs are posted.


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